Take a look at our Biodegradable Pink Pastel Baby Pizza Plates 10ct, as well as other Biodegradable Pizza Plates available for sale here at www.arty7.com The best pink pastel plate to eat a pizza is ours, amazing pastel pink color size and biodegradable materials


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Biodegradable Pink Pastel Pizza Plates

Pizza plates

Measure 9in 8in

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Our Biodegradable Pink Pizza Plates are the best plate to eat a pizza because it doesn’t fall, and we don’t get

Burned by eating the pizza.

The pink pastel  color is good for an event  or every day at home,

We can eat pizza with a nice biodegradable and functional plate.

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

It’s time to save our planet!

Biodegradable Pink  Pizza Plates

Measure 9in x 8in
Biodegradable plates
Package of 10 plates
Color pink pastel and white
Not made in  China
We have a wholesale price, please email us to party@arty7.com

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