Leaf Plant Biodegradable Placemats 10ct


Take a look at our Leaf Plant Biodegradable Placemats 10 CT, as well as other placements available for sale here at www.arty7.com. The best placement perfect size, vivid and strong colors and biodegradable materials to decorate your table and make the most amazing party decoration for yourself







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Leaf Plant Biodegradable Placemats


Measure 16in 10in

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Nature is the most beautiful and precious thing, we have to value it.

Decorating the table  every day or a special day with our Left Placemats

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

It’s time to save our planet!

Leaf Plant Biodegradable Placemats

  • Measure 16in x 10in
  • Biodegradable placements
  • Package of 10 placemats
  • Color green
  • Not made in  China
  • We have a wholesale price, please email us at party@arty7.com

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